• $ 800 million

    Spent annually on failed pilots

  • 67 %

    Amazon control of the online book market

  • $ 100 million

    Offered up front for 2 full seasons of House of Cards

  • 11 %

    Piracy went up when NBC removed content from iTunes

  • 8 %

    Increase in legal movie sales after Megaupload shut down

  • 300 hours

    Of video uploaded to YouTube every minute

About the Authors

Michael D. Smith is Professor of Information Systems and Marketing at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, where Rahul Telang is Professor of Information Systems and Management. Smith and Telang are Co-directors of the Initiative for Digital Entertainment Analytics (IDEA) at Carnegie Mellon.

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  • Chris Anderson

    “Streaming, Sharing, Stealing is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand how technology is reshaping the entertainment business.”

    Chris Anderson

    CEO, 3D Robotics, author of The Long Tail

  • Hal Varian

    "Smith and Telang have distilled their findings from a decade of research about how the Internet is disrupting entertainment into a readable, authoritative, and insightful book."

    Hal Varian

    Chief Economist, Google

  • David Boyle

    "This book should spark a revolution of evidence-based decision making across the entertainment industries."

    David Boyle

    EVP Insight at BBC Worldwide; formerly with HarperCollins and EMI Music

  • Matt Geiser

    "Smith and Telang have produced a clear-eyed explanation of why big data are changing the industry, and how firms can use data analytics to profit from this change."

    Matt Geiser

    CTO, Legendary Pictures

  • Ruth Vitale

    "Streaming, Sharing, Stealing identifies the many ways tech is changing the entertainment biz, & how these changes are shifting the foundations of our industry. You need to read this book."

    Ruth Vitale

    CEO, CreativeFuture

  • David A. Bossert

    "Streaming, Sharing, Stealing examines the rise of data-driven marketing and the ability of artists to control content creation and distribution. A must-read for any content creator."

    David A. Bossert

    Producer and creative director at The Walt Disney Studios

  • Wall Street Journal

    "Scarcity is being eliminated as we speak. For those in the business of keeping us entertained, Streaming, Sharing, Stealing is a handbook for living without it."

    Wall Street Journal

  • Cultural Weekly

    "Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big Data and the Future of Entertainment is the best book on the subject, bar none. Every entertainment executive who hopes to have a job in coming years should read it."

    Cultural Weekly

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